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Phinisey ‘Something New’

Hailing from Tacoma, WA, DuWayne “DJ” Phinisey is breaking away as a hip-hop producer and into the light as a solo artist with his debut single”Something New,” and an anticipated EP to follow this November.

Phinisey displays not only his production skills, but soulful and silky vocals that guide the track. With a simple foundation consisting of a slow tempo, and electronic base, “Something New” is brought to life with hip-hop appeal, and guided into a summer night haze by Phinisey’s vocals.

The video, directed by Peter Berkley, allows a centered focus on the melody, atmosphere, and Phinisey’s controlled vocals- high falsetto’s peaking every now and then. The one shot approach, and colorful intent mimics the dream state Phinisey is singing about, which makes it hard not to fall in love with the producer’s style or lyrics: “out of all these faces, all these places / you bumped into me / you bumped into me.”

1 comment on “Phinisey ‘Something New’

  1. Wow, the production quality of these beats are legit. His voice alongside the beat has you stuck for a second. New artist to add to the collection of good music!


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