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New Noise: Foresteater, Luke Rathborne, ANIMALI, The TVC

Courtesy of Foresteater
Courtesy of Foresteater

ForesteaterVery Friendly People” –  Based on a dream in 2015 of a band that would play on an “island in outer-space with electric rainbows everywhere,” Phoenix local Mikey Pro, better known under the moniker of Foresteater, created the musical dream. His latest single ” Very Friendly People,” incorporates a vivid sound with bright chords and dreamy melodies. The track isn’t entirely a “soft dream,” whereas Foresteater also displays a louder sound within the second half of the track. The right combination of indie and alternative rock makes for an overall catchy and sweet song to kick off our “new noise” section. Be sure to pick up Foreaster’s debut EP Nightlife of the Exploding Heads.



Courtesy of Luke Rathborne
Courtesy of Luke Rathborne

Luke RathborneSo Long NYC” – Originally hailing from Bruinswick, Maine, Luke Rathborne, now located in New York, brings a quintessential old Americana sound intertwined in an upbeat and indie track. Rathborne’s folk-eque vocals croons over constant structural change and begs for a second listen. Centered around the story of a traveler heading to New York and the thoughts that follow, Rathborne admits this character is “kind of” himself. Upon layers of subtle changes, and a rise to a soft indie-rock sound, the track’s simplicity and relatable feelings brings out the lonely traveler in us all.

ANIMALIWho?“- If MGMT met up with the Flaming Lips on Mars and decided to trip acid while constructing chords, “Who?” by ANIMALI would be the psychedelic product of said event. With roots in Lyon, France, ANIMALI doesn’t rely on solely on effects and synths to create an otherworldly experience. The balance of progressive rock and astronomical noises are delicately weaved in the foundation until the natural course of the song allows the experimental psych to unravel. If you need to further the exploration, the video is as equally enjoyable, yet mind-boggling, and will leave you questioning every decision up to this point. You’re welcome.


The TVCTalk About Us“- Los Angeles indie artist, Spencer Riley, better known as The TVC, return with the alternative single “Talk About Us.” West Coast dream vibes are heavily heard throughout the track and a tranquil state of mind follows the assertive statement within the lyrics: “Don’t talk about us, if you don’t know us.” Taking a different approach in sound compared to the Move Up EP, Riley’s versatility is welcoming and needed for a relaxed summer playlist.

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