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Seramic ‘Found’

Returning with a new single “Found,” London artist Seramic continues to raise the bar with each release, and projects a very promising future as a “Must Watch Artist” for 2016.

Back in January, the world was introduced to his debut single “People Say” followed by the funk-pop track, “Waiting.” Continuing to release music with a guarded identity in the hopes that the music will speak for itself, Seramic’s intent has been pulled off successfully, displaying an array of diverse sounds, and a personalized touch within each track that speaks louder than any amount of words could. Despite the flexibility of sounds from each release, one thing stays the same; soulful emotion and power behind the vocals.

Noting a more modern approach on “Found,” this track gushes with explosive electronic ranges. Seramic’s modern hymn praises to a higher heaven, in the sense of being found, and wraps a listener with a feeling of secure freedom with the sheer simplicity of a voice. Still echoing an old foundation, Seramic’s way of crafting tracks revives these nostalgic sounds. Heard more on “Found,” this effortless range of soul within the London’s artist vocals, entices, yearns, and in short, makes the track come alive. To further heighten the “need,” the track cuts short, like a sharp knife, and pulls a listener in for another listen.

In addition to the release of his single, Seramic’s 4 track Found EP will be released June 17th. Seramic’s first headline London show will be held on June 21st, at The Waiting Room, and you may get your tickets here.

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