Letter From the Editor: The Dreamers

There’s times where I ask myself why I do what I do. I want to say that this is once in a while, when it’s a reoccurring daily thought. A daily thought that leads to depression, frustration, and joy, among other abstract feelings.

This started two years ago as nothing. This started two years ago by myself. Just a thought to go along with a radio show to coincide with what I’m playing. A true way to incorporate my love of writing, with this love of music. I soon realized how scattered-brain the idea of writing in the dark was, and that possibly, even a local non-commercial station wasn’t paying attention to who they should be; better yet, I wasn’t paying attention to who I should be.

The dreamers.

The dreamers who think no one will ever listen to them.

The dreamers that come in every form.

The dreamers who risk it all.

This re-shifted the writing. Open submissions, honesty, and equality became the values. A mission that all strive for, and at times can be hard to maintain. I didn’t want to post a song and say “here you go,” even though I saw that with those who I looked up to within my field. Even though I very well knew that the majority of people weren’t going to read an in-depth analysis of a song. I knew this. Then why keep doing it?

For the dreamers.

For the listeners who turn their day around with one song.

For the artists who spend every second perfecting their craft.

For the musicians who lose their minds trying to create a new combination of sounds.

For the writers who already lost their minds trying to create a new combination of words.

For the people behind the scenes who put their own money in for someone else’s chance.

For the person who may be reading this and is thinking about giving up.

There’s only so many things that can be controlled in life.

Dreaming is one of them.

This is why I do this.

For us.


I also do it for images like this. Bless all who make cat images and put them on the interwebs for my use. 

2 comments on “Letter From the Editor: The Dreamers

  1. that was beautiful. dont ever stop!

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