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Daniel Wilson ‘Wedding Daze’ Music Video Review

Daniel Wilson is capturing music aficionado’s attention everywhere with his single “Wedding Daze,” taken from his new EP, Sinner of The Week. The 24 yr old Michigan based artist carries a unique, soulful range of falsettos, somewhat similar to CeeLo Green, yet completely his own brand of funk. To further make us fall in love, Wilson recently released the music video to coincide with the single. Visually capturing the quirky-funk sounds of the track, “Wedding Daze’s” simple, yet strategic shot approach, reveals what needs to be seen, when it needs to be seen.

Opening the video we are welcomed to an expressionless face that follows suit with the stages of shock and anger. Unaware of what is happening, shots of a wedding party gone bad are a blurred mess behind the young man’s face, and “Wedding Daze’s” halting synths begin to open the video. Depicted in reverse, we relive the moment in time the young man is replaying in his head to pinpoint where things went wrong in his state of disbelief.

Body language speaks louder than any amount of words, and the natural acting by the guests revives the story. The aunt that dramatically passes out. The guests in the back who awkwardly stare, followed, of course, by the wedding cake that falls to the ground. With clever close-ups, focusing on facial expressions, and reoccurring odd smirks, “Wedding Daze’s” story of infidelity becomes clear throughout Wilson’s crooning.

Beautifully capturing the change of emotions in a second, and the honest reactions of humans, the direction of “Wedding Daze” was displayed brilliantlyIn the midst of the mess of reality that is appearing on the screen, one can’t help but feel joyous with the simple drum beats, and minimal explosive sounds that is weaved in the hook. Epitomizing the ultimate bittersweet tune by the video’s clever direction.


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