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Discover: SIA AMUN ‘Flowers’

Sia Amun emerged from behind the scenes as a songwriter from the writing duo “The Pensouls,” and into the light as a solo artist a little less than a year ago with her debut R&B track, “RunAway.” Returning with her latest single, “Flowers,” from her forthcoming album, Blue Dream Project, released this summer, Amun once again captures our ears with full control of enunciation, and shows effortless vocal control. Amun paints a beautiful scene of silky love through exploratory fragments of sounds, tight horns, sensual vocals, and pure emotions riding on a California summer breeze.

The bright track revolving around a simple bass line reiterates the joyous act of receiving the little things from a lover. The off-centered structure is only forced into line by Amun’s interchangeable vocal hats, and adds a unique beauty to the overall track. In addition to the single, Amun has paired it with an equally tranquil and laid back video, both to be praised in anticipation of future releases from Amun.

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