Rediscover: WEIRDO ‘ARMANIO’

Mysterious wet dream, where have you been? You may recall WEIRDO, the unknown UK group that brought the addictive indie-pop track “BUTTER” to our attention months ago and left us wanting more. Well, the ever alluring WEIRDO continue their anonymity, and dance driven tracks, by releasing the equally addicting single, “ARMANIO.” Centered around synths and an upbeat, fun demeanor, “ARMANIO” embodies a feel-good production.

We casually asked WEIRDO why they were so talented and mysterious, and we couldn’t have received a lovelier response: “Because I’m your wet dream.”

We are totally OK with this.

According to Pigeons and Planes, WEIRDO is in fact a songwriter/producer from the UK , based in Germany. He chooses to remain anonymous for this project until the time is right and let listeners enjoy the music for what it is.

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