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New Noise: Fairchild, Naive Thieves, Stone Cold Fox, and Leif Erikson


Fairchild “Neighbourhoods“- Australian Indie-Rock band, Fairchild, now based in Manchester, UK, revive the 80s dance and new wave sound on their latest track “Neighbourhoods.” Consisting of Adam Lyons (Vocals), Nathan Lyons  (Keyboard), Tim Voeten (Guitar), Patrick Huerto  (Guitar), Tommy Davies (Bass), and James Alexander (Drums), the 6 piece indie outfit create a fun, and sexy track,  built around upbeat vibes, and insanely catchy guitar riffs over soft synths. While the upbeat demeanor is a dance dream, the track heeds a lingering warning. Frontman A. Lyons states that the song is in fact about a stripper, and leaning more towards “lusting after something you shouldn’t,” and proceeds to explain that “Neigbourhoods” is a “warning (and to) be careful what you fall for.

Note to self: Be wary of strippers.

Courtesy of Naive Thieves via Facebook

Naive ThievesVoid“- Riverside locals, Naive Thieves- Cameron Thorne (vocals, guitar), Levi Audette (lead guitar), Kyle Garcia (bass, backing vocals), and Nick Camacho (drums, backing vocals)- return with their latest single “Void,” and a flagship of clear ‘change.’

Led by an infectious, and alluring guitar riff that trickles throughout the track, Naive Thieves’ sway into a crisper, and harder direction of indie-rock, while still upholding to their distinct style. Redefining themselves after Vamanos (2014),  welcoming drummer Camacho of New Manners, and his polished techniques, the new single provides a wider range of sounds not yet heard. Enough to say “Void” is a clear teaser of fresh new sounds from the Inland Empire band, and a welcoming anticipation of their new music this summer.

unnamed (1)

Stone Cold Fox Tunnel Vision EP – Brooklyn based quartet, Kevin (vocals, guitar), Aaron (drums), Graham (synths, guitar), and Justin (synths, bass), make their name known with their debut EP, Tunnel Vision. With a crunch to their synth driven hazy sound, Stone Cold Fox create a 5 track lush of modern sounds that become irresistible from start to finish. Led heavily by catchy guitar riffs, each track unfolds distinctly into different directions piecing the album together by dreamy synths. From a “distorted disco,”  approach heard on “Change My Mind,” to the standout, slower tempo, and feel good track “Morning Light,” Stone Cold Fox have clearly come to make summer music more enjoyable.

Courtesy of Leif Erikson via Facebook
Courtesy of Leif Erikson via Facebook

Leif Erikson “Never Get You Outta My Mind“- London quintet, Leif Erikson, steal our hearts yet again, and follow-up their dreamy debut single “Looking For Signs” with their second single “Never Get You Outta My Mind,” and follows a similar suit of ethereal dreams and realizations. Playful vocal ooo’s in association with a light, bubbly background, subtly complement the London’s band lo-fi indie sound. Escaping within the track’s beauty, the underlining and bitter-sweet notion hides within two lovers; one who will never forget the other.





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