Re-Discover: Raveena ‘Something’s Gotta Give’

Photo by Netti Hurley via Facebook

Raveena’s sensuality and fresh sound never cease to amaze listeners. The New York based R&B artist reappears into the warm parts of hearts across the board with her latest single “Something’s Gotta Give.” Once again produced by Everett Orr, “Something’s Gotta Give” becomes a brighter track to follow Raveena’s debut single “You Give Me That,” and exposes more emotional range from the young artist’s pallet.

While it may seem difficult to follow-up a dreamy seductive track, Raveena entices listeners with the same silky desire of talent in her vocals, through nostalgic summer vibes. The track resonates with simple beauty, and gently bleeds with a personal narrative, of what seems like a turning point in Raveena’s life, to finding reassurance: “Ghetto prophet stepped on my door / ‘Tell me beautiful are you looking for more? Than a 9-5, and flip-flopping guys? … ‘Let go of greed and stop picking these small fights / people are beautiful the reason to live life / you’re missing the key,’ he cried out to me.”

In addition to the weight of the lyrics, R&B, soul, and the perfect amount of brass, leaves the track with pure enjoyment of this moment in time. Each verse is ultimately lifted higher through the smooth production, and echoes of Raveena’s gentle high, and controlled falsettos, in the back.



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