Discover: Oscar Vega ‘Lucy’

“I am hungry for success and to spread good music because my areas  (and) taste of music is very materialistic and ugly. I hope to change this. I value quality over quantity. My music can be emotionally charged, but can also be very fun. I have very creative ideas and usually the songs have much deeper meaning or double meanings like with Lucy.”

Trip-pop artist, Oscar Vega, introduces himself with a heavy production, emotional depth weaved within beats, all while getting in a listener’s head to focus on the story that is called “Lucy.”

With roots raised in Woodbridge, Virgina, Vega states his musical abilities are credited to his father, a former guitar player, whose talent was passed along. Although Vega began creating music for the sheer sake of “fun” at the age of 15, the obvious enjoyment turned into a serious craft at the age of 18, where his songwriting and production skills were showcased on the track “Lucy.”

The track’s allure comes in a dark and climatic form, truly highlighting the emotion Vega is expressing. Taunting vocals jump immediately in the chorus, creating an odd form of attraction that Vega pinpoints with lyrics such as “she drives me insane / she’s calling my name,” and backs it up with a slower, yet harder tempo.

An obvious influence of alternative hop-hop, pop, and trip-hop electronic features  ooze from the track, but a small dosage of psych-tronic reverb is what keeps a listener wanting more from the young producer. Vega admits how psychedelic rock, such as Tame Impala and Pink Floyd, influenced his music, and speaks highly of the possible samples the artist could eventually use in his career.

With a generous, positive response to “Lucy” on SoundCloud, and a recently released track “Back” also under his belt, Vega aims to keep true to his words of quality over quantity.


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  1. You are so cute.


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