Track of the Day: ETCHES ‘Love Is’

Photo credit: Andrew Ellis
Photo credit: Andrew Ellis

UK quintet, ETCHES, and their latest release “Love Is,” is a colorful wave of sounds that effortlessly allows the band’s voice to stand-out. The Liverpool band have created something imaginative, and distinct, letting the track unfold into the musical translation of what ‘love is,’  defying any structure of typical songs. The track starts with an upbeat chorus built around a strong bass riff, and slight psychedelic swirl that carries you into an unseen transition into indie-rock, led by deeper, post-punk vocals.

Ranging back and forth from high and low vocal ranges, this becomes a gauge of the emotional intent within the track, and finds a place in your heart instantly. The clever and unique construction of this track is its’ simplicity built around a bass riff, and simple vocal melody, which allows the canvas to be painted with indie, alternative, and psychedelic. Peaks of guitar effects, and steady timing, only heightens the band’s unique take on meshing sounds.





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