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New Music: Creature Comfort ‘Echoes and Relics’ EP Review

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Epitomizing indie-rock progression at it’s finest, Nashville Rockers, Creature Comfort, release a fresh EP, Echoes and Relics, that is bright, rich, and melodic from beginning to end. Jessey Clark (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Nick Rose (lead guitar, back-up vocals), Cole Bearden (bass), and Taylor Cole (drums), create an upbeat collection of dreamy chords, and luminous tracks that cross boundaries with their “space-pop” sound.

Progressive chords fused with their innovative use of space exploration sounds are an overall theme throughout the EP, and begins with “Am I Dreaming?”  The dreamy track is complimented immensely by Clark’s vocal range and sudden bursts of textured effects overlaid on the track; a sweet introduction to the 5 track EP. “Light Boy” continues the bright guitar riffs and is more indie-pop drenched than the other tracks, yet highlights a stronger bass foundation, whereas “Blue Blood (Dark Boy)” begins with a loud punch, and ironically trickles in-between downtempo verses and climatic rises; showcasing the band’s versatility within the indie-rock sub-genre within these two tracks.

Sugar Cookies” becomes a standout track for multiple reasons, and catches the delightful nature of the sound. Relatable, quirky lyrics, executed by bright vocal ranges, in par with heavy synths and galactic guitar picking from a cosmic universe are enough adjectives to make you fall in love. From the first verse, the track becomes fuller in sound and continues this momentum towards the following track, “Run Rabbit Run.” Almost as a continuation, the fun-pop song takes the joyous route with it’s catchy chorus.

The collection of exploratory sounds and indie delight heard on Echoes and Relics are brighter than prior tracks such as “Friend of a Friend,” yet still define the sound of Creature Comfort as a band to add to any indie-lover’s collection.


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