Must Hear: SAÍGO, Ursa Major, Charlotte Cardin, Carmody, New Portals and Jordan Hone



SAÍGO “So Natural” – Grooves, creativity, and textured beats are a taste of what will be circulating this summer, and to begin by setting the bar high, the introduction would be left with Los Angeles producer SAÍGO and his debut single “So Natural.” Co-produced by Jonah Christian, “So Natural” is an effortless masterpiece of sounds that can’t be compared to anything.  SAÍGO’s manipulation of vocals drives the effortless grooves throughout the song, followed by trumpets and diverse sounds pieced together for a polished experience. SAÍGO’s intent behind the track focused on “the competition of natural instincts” and further states, “I imagine the song a tug of war of internal emotions, eventually evolving into rapid kinetic action, breaking through the gridlock.”  Upcoming debut EP expected to be released this summer.




Ursa Major5 am / Intro“- Hailing from Toronto, 20 year old producer, rapper, and “psychedelic r&b” artist Ursa Major,  returns with a single that meshes the line for insomniacs, and heavy thinkers alike who are up at 5 am. Creativity, chill waves, and a skilled ear, are heard quietly on the track compared to Ursa Major’s previous single, “Dusk,” yet creates a different side of Ursa Major’s abilities, and we are able to see the growth of the young beat-maker.  The appeal of “5 am / Intro” is centralized around Ursa Major’s colorful lyrics and natural selection of beats which truly envision’s the play by play that is going through Ursa Major’s head.  Created from the general theme of “Escapism,” which will follow suit on his new upcoming album, Ursa Major breaks down the tracks’ purpose and states that “5AM discusses a person, down on their luck, escaping the normality of the work place and adventuring into the wilderness in an attempt to embrace the night.” New single from the forthcoming EP, Lo-Fi Sky, out this year.



Charlotte Cardin “Like It Doesn’t Hurt“- French-Canadian singer Charlotte Cardin intoxicates listeners on her latest track, “Like It Doesn’t Hurt feat. Husser,” with her raspy, and sensual voice that is dripping with honesty and contemporary production, while holding on to R&B inspiration. Focusing on vocal harmonies, the track’s beauty is within Cardin’s talented arrangement and presentation, which is felt within the lyrics, “You know I act like, you know I act like it doesn’t hurt / like it doesn’t hurt no…I can’t touch you / in any fucking way.” Cardin outdoes herself from a minimalist standpoint and leads you down the pain of an ill relationship and the act of strength.



New Portals “Groove Boy“- Belfast’s duo, New Portals, consisting of Ruth Aicken (vocals, percussion) and Mike Aicken (vocals, synth, keyboards), emerge with high vocal peaks, surreal feelings, and cosmic sounds on their latest track “Groove Boy.”  In between “sparkling” keys, and a delicate voice that glides over synths, New Portals’ creation makes pop enjoyable again and begins the wave of nostalgia, fusion of R&B, and modern electro-pop production, that is highly addicting.

Know You Promo

Jordan Hone “Know You“-  Hailing from Calgary, Alberta Canada, hip-hop and R&B artist Jordan Hone releases “Know You” off of his new album Music On My Mind, released later this year. Hone innocently describes the want of getting to know someone, backed by natural vibes that play out as the two individuals paths take it’s course. Paired with a simple and smooth momentum, “Know You” continues to shine the light on hip-hop artists’ from Canada and is a track that is laid-back for the upcoming season.

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 10.33.44


Carmody “In My Skin“- London songstress Carmody introduces herself as a solo artist with her debut single “In My Skin,” from her upcoming self-titled EP, released April 29th. You may remember her angelic vocals with collaboration from producer Tom Misch, which set the scene for Carmody and foreshadowed great things to come from the artist. With her debut single, Carmody worked alongside Carassius Gold, co-produced Jack Garratt’s hit “Worry,” and meshed each other’s voice for a mellow and magical end result. The upbeat, electro single is bittersweet upon second listening, reminiscing of a person still “in your skin.” Carmody discloses that, “It’s both beautiful and devastating how people you’ve loved can still feel a part of you long after they’ve gone,” which takes center theme of the track.

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