Track of the Day: Pretty Sister ‘Come to LA’

The rise of funk, soul, R&B and pure desire are externalized with West Coast love from artist and producer Zak Waters, and his latest creation as Pretty Sister, entitled “Come To LA.” The bold track features bass riffs that will have you begging for more, and instantly becomes a sensual track set on repeat.

“Come to LA” is a direct, racy invitation, that nobody can deny, or as Waters describes as a “NSFW open letter to long distant lust.” Waters wastes no time from the start of the track with his sexy falsetto, strong vocal control, and direct honesty that breathes fresh air, which isn’t over saturated with unnecessary background noise, into the Los Angeles music scene.

Sometimes you just need to be direct and say exactly what’s on your mind. “Come To LA” are all the naughty thoughts in our heads that are scared to come out. With obvious charm displayed from the production of the track, and alluring sex-appeal, the forward lyrics create a stronger lull of excitement: “Come and make me scream your name / Your body knows what it wants / Your body knows what it needs / Come to LA and f*ck me.”

Following up Pretty Sister’s previous funky track “DRIVE,” Waters continues to impress and excite listeners with a unique blend of funk.

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