Spotlight: XPLOR ‘Recover’ and ‘Infinite Love’

LA-based musician Brian Carmona has been picking up followers since XPLOR’s debut on MTV’s Teen Wolf with “Recover.” The single uses ambient sounds to create a romantic mood. Carmona’s vocals are soothing and accent the melody’s longing tone with lyrics like, “My tears on the floor / They echo love for you.”

Since “Recover”s debut, XPLOR has been a creative juggernaut. Using the 21 days/21 songs challenge as motivation to create, Carmona has added 13 new songs to SoundCloud during the last few weeks. Though XPLOR’s characteristic ambient sounds are always present, the songs range from pop to R&B to indie.

XPLOR started a year ago in Nashville with contributions from Carmona’s friends. Though it is not a touring band as of now, Carmona is very optimistic about XPLOR’s future and aware that there are many directions it can take. Among them, TV and film, Carmona told us, “I have a huge affinity for film scores, specifically Perks of Being a Wallflower and Like Crazy which have inspired songs like “Infinite Love.” When “Recover” aired on Teen Wolf it was a very clear indication that XPLOR needed to go this route. I am open at the point to where ever the project will go.”

Whatever road XPLOR takes, Carmona’s love for music and dedication to his work is clear. Whether this project remains online, on-screen, or moves to live venues this is an artist worth keeping your ear out for.


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