Roger Singh Kahlon ‘B e l i e v e’

Courtesy of Roger Singh Kahlon
Courtesy of Roger Singh Kahlon

I had this overwhelming feeling that I gave my demons life – so now it was time to awaken the angels… and so I found myself sitting in the ruins of a past love, in an empty apartment because she took everything. With an eviction notice on the kitchen counter and only a few precious possessions that I hadn’t sold (yet), it felt like the perfect time to say “fuck it” and write about what love could be instead of this. The result of that is ‘B e l i e v e.’

NYC based songwriter Roger Singh Kahlon draws inspiration and hope from a dark place and creates a peaceful array of sounds on his single “B e l i e v e” from his Future/Love EP.  Almost leading into 5 mins, the soft-pop single retraces memories and is a tranquil track of acceptance. Kahlon croons in a tone that urges a past love to continue with an ounce of hope to fill the overall bucket of the soul. The track’s mantra of a chorus sets Kahlon’s definition of a belief into an audible release and is very positive feeling from an unfortunate life experience.

A perfect track to calm one’s mind down and start the week off in an upright direction.

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