Discover: Malika ‘Put It On Me’ (Prod. Snakehips and Maths Time Joy)


London based artist MALIKA makes her voice heard with her funky and soulful release “Put it on Me,” produced by Snakehips and Maths Times Joy, from her debut EP, All You Never Knew.

Reminiscent of a smooth 90s’ R&B hit, “Put It On Me” embodies this era with a modern production, giving the track a fresher feel, provided by synths and clean transitions. In between the two distinct production styles, MALIKA owns the track and follows suit of the R&B music scene that is emerging from the UK, highlighting the beauty within her vocal tone more than anything.

MALIKA manages to gather these sounds and create beautiful bliss of loving someone. Within the first verse MALIKA’s talent emerges, and we are captivated by her silky ranges, smooth melodies, and an overall gentle, yet strong emotion that drives the track. Structured as a simple story, MALIKA gently glides over the moment when two individuals decide to get closer: “He said move over / there’s something in your head / just get closer/ it was a trick, but I don’t care / he told me ‘that you look more beautiful the sun upon the sea’ / and when I hold you / the sun is shines on me.”

Innocence proceeds within the track, and so does the innocence within MALIKA’s voice. As the moment heats up, the bass becomes more prominent, and we are welcomed to one of the catchiest chorus to bless our ears, filled with a loving vibe, “put it on me / put it on me / time to get closer.

As far as songwriting, MALIKA shines again as the next verse becomes her reply within her narrative, and we are transported to pure love: “cuz when he holds me it’s sunny every day.”

Beginning to end MALKIA has created an audible wave of beauty that swarms a hopeful listener’s soul and manages to illustrate innocence and desire in the same spectrum.

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