Mind Monogram ‘Weeping Willow’

Courtesy of Mind Monogram
Courtesy of Mind Monogram

Los Angeles experimental and chamber-pop group, Mind Monogram, return with a familiar sound, on their new single “Weeping Willow” from their upcoming EP Maüs, set to be released April 22nd. Frontman Edgar A. Ruiz (Vocalist/Guitarist), Christian Caro (Guitar), Bryan Mejia (Drums) and Richard Delgado (Bass), have been silent since their debut EP Moments in Time (2015) and make a welcoming return to the music world.

What seems like a sudden burst of life from the Los Angeles foursome, the heart of sound still beats within Mind Monogram as “Weeping Willow” unfolds into a contradictory, self-reflective, and missed perceived allusion. History repeats itself as this familiar juxtaposition, between melody and lyrics, reassure the careful construction of the simplest melodies to always be more than what is shown from Mind Monogram  (“Weeping willow crying so gently / In the meadow, ducklings are swimming / If you follow, follow me closely / If you listen, listen so carefully” ).

The fairy-tale narrative continues, with dreamy escapades, led by trademark vocal “steering” from Ruiz. Bass, rhythm, and time are in-sync from beginning to end, particularly noting the unity of dreamy sounds with a “groovy” bass riff crafted by Delgado. As the story continues, it’s clear of the somber truth Ruiz expresses and the sound wave of “life” masking the story with an upbeat melody (“One darker than the rest / He tries his very best / Left to dry out in the sun…..he’s not the only one” ). During these words, it’s hard to decipher what is being said, and all focus is on the melodic musical break that gently ends the track as if nothing ever happened.

Point of view is a valued theme from Mind Monogram, and especially shows with “Weeping Willow.” The most beautiful appearances may have the saddest stories, and a second listen is all anyone needs for understanding.

Look out for a music video from Mind Monogram this April, and second single, to lead up to the highly anticipated sophomore EP, Maüs. 


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