Discover: EPISODE

Courtesy of Facebook
Courtesy of Facebook

Episode is yet another band that’s raising the bar this year in the world of music. As of February, Episode has officially released two new singles. Since their debut EP, Hold On, Episode has gone through some drastic changes in terms of sound. In general they’ve switched from alt-pop/R&B to indie rock, trading in synths for guitar and even trading two of the four members of the group. This New York City based rock band spent the last year working hard on re-developing their sound, and the labor shows with the guitar-heavy “Swim” and the reflective “Lost in Cali (Demo).

Released in January, “Swim” debuted the band’s new sound with a catchy, cool, and rhythmic melody. The song features some awesome guitar licks reminiscent of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. My favorite part of the song is without a doubt the buildup Episode creates using punchy drums to lead into the chorus.

“Lost in Cali takes a complete turn in tone from “Swim,” while remaining a complimentary track to the first single. This is one of many songs the band wrote while working with producer Rex Kudo in California. While I think “Swim” has the more California-classic vibe to it, “Lost in Cali” is an interesting window into the dual-nature of L.A. The band described the song on Soundcloud and Facebook simply, “L.A. is a beautiful city. At its highs it feels surreal and distorted, but at it’s lows it feels empty in the way that New York feels whole.”

These are just two of several songs the band says they wrote during their time in California. Based off of these two songs alone, I can definitely say I’m excited to hear what else Episode created during this last year.

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