Premiere: MORI ‘Hold On’

Brooklyn-based alternative band, MORI, led by front-woman Mori Einsidler, debut their emotional stimulating music video “Hold On” from their EP, Better For You.

Directed by Nick Ghizas, the washed out video, follows Einsidler through the streets of NYC as she strolls down memory lane, finds comfort in her own skin, and lays her heart’s confession for all to hear.  The track’s warm tones, and emo-melodic feeling, complete nostalgia of troubled love within the track’s lyrics, ( “and I’m the one to blame / because even though I feel the same / I am capable of only disaster”) which prominently stands out against the plucks of the acoustic guitar.

While “Hold On” seems like a bittersweet plea to a lover to move on  (You’re better off with me gone), it cleverly acts as a self-reflective, and reassuring reminder for Einsidler to “hold on”  to her actions; selfless acts of letting one go that you truly care about. This acceptance raises the acoustic track into a louder alternative sound, which ultimately contains a positive “self-love” message.




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1 comment on “Premiere: MORI ‘Hold On’

  1. Nice, I went to HS with your Dad and Aunt, Thank you I am happy I listened to you ~ Enjoy your path and carry on brave one!


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