Discover: Boigirl


Frederick Delius once said that “Music is an outburst of the soul.” This goes for musicians and listeners alike, and could easily pinpoint the ideal behind Los Angeles band Boigirl. Reviving the emo and post -hardcore music scene in December, with their debut single “Casualty Count,” the So.Cal’s band expressive attitude resurfaces the angst that every hard-core kid once possessed.

Lead by frontman Casper Purtlebaugh (vocals), Chris Scott (guitar), Josh Chapman (bass), and James Kohlmeir (drums),  or as Boigirl states, “3 dudes and a transguy,” the emo-core band is making an entrance of their persona with trickles of single releases to engage a listener’s attention.

Boigirl’s open disclosure of self-identifying is an empowering quality that goes hand in hand with the general declaration of freedom, which “emo-core” originally stood for. While sexuality, nor appearance matter when appreciating music, the relevancy in mentioning this would be the initial message of self-acceptance, and pride that Boigirl radiates, which is fully respected.



The LA band’s latest single “Over and Over” tones down the aggression previously heard on “Casualty Count,” and fully focuses on the convincing emotional pull, guided by precise vocal control and range from Purtlebaugh. Even at his softest moments, Purtlebaugh’s vocals can be just as powerful as the blast beats that rise throughout their tracks. Completing the ultimate sound, Boigirl’s crafted aggressive sound displays each piece the band has to offer. “Over and Over” can be seen as the mature track proceeding “Casualty Count,” which expresses clear thoughts after the rage recedes.



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