Must Hear: Private Island ‘Drugs’

Southern California natives, Private Island, recently released their new single “Drugs.” Having premiered February 12, “Drugs” is one of two singles to have been released for the band’s upcoming EP. Private Island flawlessly captures the California dream in this latest single. The song features up-beat percussion, cool guitar licks, and emotional vocals. There’s a clash in Drugsthat makes it a must listen. The lamenting lyrics are a strange yet fitting contrast to the soft, optimistic melody. Making use of the ever-classic comparison in music between drugs and love, the song tells a story about the desperate need for another person when you realize you’re in love.

The alt-rock band has scheduled an upcoming live show in Los Angeles at the Lyric Theatre in April. With Private Island’s sure to be imminent success, this is a band to keep an eye on.

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