Discover: Zentonic ‘Reset’ Album Review

Courtesy of Zentonic
Courtesy of Zentonic

Inland Empire’s blues-rock band, Zentonic, release their sophomore album “Reset” and push their musical and personal boundaries. The IE’s trio, Daniel Chavez (lead vocals/guitar), Ruben Cordova (bass/vocals), and Kenny Lopez (drums), surpass expectations along the road to “Reset” with their innovative sound, and return to the basic elements, passion, and core ideals.

Despite always possessing the musical and mechanical talent, as heard on “Set The Tone (2014),” the diversity and craft taken on “Reset” focuses on a louder display of passion, which echoes Zentonic’s true voice, and evolution from album to album. Unmatched fusion of sounds, that range from blues, rock, and funk, has led them to break away in pure adornment, and ultimately defines them as a “must hear” band.

The uncut and pure hard rock sound within the album is felt instantly from “It’s up To You,” but doesn’t carry any true surprises until “Let’s Be Wild.” Chavez is a mesmerizing vocalist, hitting high classic rock ranges similar to Robert Plant, to the sensual, controlled lull of desire. Throughout the album, Chavez uses his vocals as a dangerous instrument that can only be utilized properly with fellow band-member’s skills and timing.

Dipping towards a sexual desire, “Seductive Distraction” digs under your skin, and oddly exemplifies the unity as a band. The funky and groovy song is only pulled off by creating a bigger picture with the help of each member’s ability to not wash out the other’s “voice.”  Complimenting one another’s strength, the break showcases the adaptability in their sound, which replicates the strength of “desire” in the song’s lyrical content.

Don’t Doubt Me,” and “Get It Through Your Head” go hand in hand with the rock momentum, and pays homage to their original hard blues genre. Classic Zentonic styled tracks are refined to a different level, and still bares hard of belief that such immense sound is delivered only by the three gentlemen. “Just Like Music” and “Until The End” stand out for their classic rock approach in the modern age, and are perfect tracks to spice up your senses, noting a clean and powerful musical break specifically on “Just Like Music.”

Yet, a track that captures the ear for it’s different approach and strong precision, is “Time is Lost.”  Not only does this track offer everything you ever wished in a rock song, but also focuses on the craftsmanship of Lopez’s drumming. Lopez knows when to apply his technical measures and how to fill sound and time beautifully without being excessive. Between the other worldly melody in the intro, and several tempo changes, “Time is Lost” musically personifies the abstract notion of losing time.

Zentonic’s latest creation is impressive, and is a detailed sonic map of who they are, and what they can do, as they hold on to their literal definition of “peace through music.”

Zentonic will also be having an album release show, tonight, March 18th, at DBA 256 in Pomona, CA, with special guests:

The Violet Mindfield and Lost Frontiers.

Stream the full album here









6 comments on “Discover: Zentonic ‘Reset’ Album Review

  1. Awesome review, Janette! Zentonic is definitely worth a listen.

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  2. Anytime! I actually just finished reading your album review for “Deadweight” from Le Zets. Oldie, but goodie.


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