Jack Frederick ‘In My Dreams’

It was a weird year. I got sick, I got better, I got engaged to my girlfriend of 11 years, she dumped me, and now I live alone. This song is about all that.
From a raw, emotional release of pure bedroom-pop, and complete heartache, Jack Frederick’s series of unfortunate events turned into an addictive juxtaposition indie track entitled “In My Dreams,” which is impossible to not fall in love with. The New Yorker draws on painstakingly sad moments of missing his lover within lyrics such as, “Now I’m forced with making do with eight hour blocks of you / and I usually wake up screaming, but it’s worth what I was dreaming,” and yet still manages to make the thoughts into a heart warming melody. Focused on sweet, lo-fi vocals, similar to Jason Schwartzman of Coconut Records, Frederick’s dreamy state of mind simply reenacts the message of escaping to better days in his sleep. With the help of a few instruments, a drum machine, tambourine, and melodica, the simplicity of the end result will have you torn between sorrow and better days. The multi-instrumentalist will be releasing new music this year, so stay tuned for more musings from Frederick’s mind.





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