Music Monday: Matt Woods ‘Ain’t No Use’

Courtesy of Matt Woods via Facebook

Matt Woods’ first release in 2016 is a ‘banger’ in the shape of a future-soul track, “Ain’t No Use.” The “London-via-Cornwall” artist creates a lush and powerful musical experience, with a deep soulful approach, directed towards moving on. The tracks’ honest direction and expressive weight delivered by Woods, creates a bittersweet melody that is as addictive as the intent behind the track. Woods shared that, “There’s a difference between getting over someone, and choosing to move on from them. The track is about accepting that some people will always have a hold over you no matter how much you’d like them not to.”

Within this hold, Woods’ use of somber keys and trickles of beats create a skilled introduction for the rest of the track. As the prolonged beats mimics time, the tone of the keys reassure the moment when reality sinks in:  “She is a wanderer / Sweet love carrier / She takes no passenger.” In an honest, and poetic reevaluation, Woods’ breathy, and emotional vocals, range from a passionate start, and beautifully glide over the soul-pop melody.

Ultimately, “Ain’t No Use” develops a new breed of “future-soul” music based on an honest past. Woods’ confession, “To want you is not enough,” within the track isn’t of a surrender, but of courageous truth that shines from beginning to end, and leaves us wanting more from the soulful artist.

Catch him at the following SxSW shows:
March 16th – We Found New Music  @ Speakeasy Kabaret – 9:40pm
March 18th – ASCAP @ The Driskill – 9pm

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