Discover: Nadia Nar ‘Dear Brother’


Worldly clash of self-expression and freedom drips from Swedish songstress Nadia Nair and her latest musical installment of creativity entitled, “Dear Brother.” The artist pushes her own mind and takes us on a spiritual journey guided by musical chants, addictive repetition, and intangible sounds, that places Nair on our radar for future releases.

Finding the beauty in all of life, Nair relinquished her own being by displaying it on the canvas of sounds. Focusing on a 90s foundation, world sounds, and a controlled, unique voice that is almost therapeutic, “Dear Brother” doesn’t only express freedom, but questions the very idea. Nair’s distinct trained ear is praised through the production, and admired more so with her fusion of sounds, representing herself more than a genre, and more than her half Swedish half Malaysian-Indian background, but of an honest human artist.

A unique style is weaved naturally by Nair, and her experimental, musical “preaching,” is sonically refreshing. From the addictive chorus, to playful bridge transition, the track’s diversity and genre bending impact will leave a listener in awe of Nair’s innovation.



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