Rediscover: LYLOH ‘Here’


Inland Empire’s songstress LYLOH, returns with a different flavor from her musical palate on her latest track “Here,” unveiling her balanced emotional tone between vocals and production quality. A lot has changed since we were first introduced to the raw talent from the “Come Undone” artist. Teaming up with Los Angeles producer Steve Kaye, Sunking Studios, the track’s sound is a refined evolution of LYLOH’s ideas, mission, and talent.

Opening up with a sweeter and surreal leisure, the indie track unfolds gracefully, highlighting LYLOH’s perception in her emotional tone. The controlled vocals offer sincerity, peace, and a sweet surrender, further displaying the musical growth. Despite having such a powerful voice, LYLOH’s true talent has always been in controlled perception. Whether it be focused on musical structure to present her concept, lyrical content, or a combination, the overall product has led LYLOH to be a natural born storyteller.

Flawlessly weaving the story with a high quality of production skill, to the carefully arranged plucks of a guitar, the music delivery is fresh, crisp, and still implements the indie-electronica voice we know LYLOH to posses. The smooth rise into this electronic beat by the chorus, truly compliments LYLOH’s heavenly voice, while adhering to the underlying complexity of being “here.”

Not only is this a personal stance, reflected within the lyrics, but a mature evolution of growth in all areas for LYLOH, showcasing beauty and an identity. “You will show me that I’m here.”


3 comments on “Rediscover: LYLOH ‘Here’

  1. Love love love this beautiful creature’s voice. Her music is on fire, this song is sublime

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