New Music Video: Betsy ‘Fair’


Back in January, Girl Underground Music covered Betsy’s debut single “Fair,” an emotionally packed track about heartache. Since then, the song’s astonishing music video premiered. Heavily inspired by David Lynch’s Wild at Heart, the video has an aged look to it.

A startling instant of manic vulnerability hits us with the chorus, in that first imperfect movement when Betsy puts the lipstick on her cheek. In the film, Wild at Heart, the smeared lipstick is a sign of Marietta Fortune’s (Diane Ladd) decent into guilt-induced madness. The music video for Fair echoes back the film by giving us the artist’s interpretation of the lipstick scene. The video plays off of the guilt that destroyed Marietta Fortune by inviting us to watch this descent in a new way through Betsy. With the lyrics, “I know it ain’t right/ I know it ain’t fair / To hold onto love, a love that’s no longer there” laid over this scene, she creates a snapshot of heartache.

In “Fair,” this moment, in my opinion, is made all the better because Betsy is presented as a sympathetic character. The lipstick doesn’t read like guilt, madness, or crime; on the artist it reads like remorse, exposure, and confusion. The vulnerability at the core of this music video is enhanced when we watch her rub the makeup all over her face and the pink hue ends up looking like exposed flesh. When she looks at the lens I couldn’t help but feel like her sadness was being thrown at me like a question. Despite her debut EP not having been released yet, Betsy’s already rising in popularity. With a music video as honest and intense as “Fair” it’s clear whatever she has coming can only be great.


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