Discover: Seramic ‘Waiting’

Setting the scene with a soft, soulful, hymn approach, London artist Seramic began the music mission with a guarded identity, and insisted the music speak for itself upon first release of “People Say.” Months after Seramic stole our attention and stirred up lost embers within ourselves, the artist returned with a fresh funk track “Waiting” to further validate the natural passion and talent emitted from the London artist.

Showcasing effortless diversity, “Waiting” revisits the soft, soulful tone that seems to be Seramic’s niche, while carefully capturing the moment. Considerate bass plucks, simultaneously played by a trained and guided voice, build into an insatiable, addictive groove. The track’s natural flow preoccupies a listener’s senses to not realize the complexity of growth within the structure; a true beauty of a great composition. Built heavily on funky bass riffs, and zaps of crunchy guitar effects, added for strength within the groove, “Waiting” displays all the necessary components to keep a listener hooked from start to finish. Yet, the tracks’ magic is within the revived soulful jam that radiates from the lost grave, and gives a fresh breath of life with Seramic’s veiled vocals. Curiosity peeks of the artist, adding to the allure of Seramic, yet doesn’t come close to the overall magnetism created and felt within the music.




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