Who the f*ck are WERIDO?

Somewhere in the UK resides a new band called WEIRDO who find pleasure in tormenting listeners by living in secrecy, and this makes their debut single “BUTTER” more enjoyable. The addictive indie-pop track drenched with catchy bass riffs, and 80s style liked synths, reminiscent of a late night workout commercial, add the right amount of joy to the track. Paired with high vocal peeks, BUTTER’s appeal doesn’t end at its upbeat demeanor, but with its contradictory rhythms and lyrics: “clean up girl, you’re full of it / let me tell you again/ like butter melting through my fingers all you do is dirty my clothes.


What could either be the greatest marketing plan by staying silent, or an extremely cruel and hilarious way to tell someone that they’re “full of it,”we respect you WEIRDO. Say hello to WEIRDO and their first ever single “BUTTER.”  This is everything you can dream of to help you slide down the bitter rainbow towards love.

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