Repost: The Deli’s LA Best Emerging Artists of 2015

The team over at The Deli Magazine were hard at work compiling “The Best Of 2015” throughout the music community and took to outside jurors, Deli readers, submissions, and plain ‘ol voting to bring you the best emerging acts in Los Angeles for 2015. While we may already be in the third month of the New Year, these are acts that caught listener’s ears the most and continue to outshine this year. Proud to say there are some familiar GUM alumni that made the final cut, as well as on the nomination ballot. Enjoy Deli’s final picks, share thoughts and opinions, and hopefully discover new music for 2016.

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James Supercave is The Deli L.A.’s Best Emerging Artist of 2015! 2nd Rudy de Anda, 3rd Miya Follick

Deli Readers,

Our Best of L.A. Poll for Emerging Artists has been – as usual – a lengthy and painstaking journey which took us through prairies of numbers, horizons filled with band names, and a dense, (mostly) joyous rain of music. We have finally reached our destination and we can announce the final results!

Sharp on the heels of their full-length debut album, Better Strange, James Supercave is giving psychedelic rock a welcome facelift with an array of infectious grooves alongside warm, creamy atmospherics. The Echo Park band write songs that are hearty and yet soulful, offering a wildly eclectic journey that constantly rewards. Right when stylish electro pop is beginning to overstay its welcome, leave it to James Supercave to rewrite its formula with wide-eyed wonder.

A slight outsider in the LA music scene, Long Beach resident Rudy De Anda is proudly raising the flag of an oftentimes relegated territory that sports a bevy of talent. Rudy’s first solo-outing after founding psych-pop troupe Wild Pack of Canaries has something of a more slacker appeal, putting a stronger emphasis on lovestruck songwriting with a deft touch of whimsy.

As stated on her strong readers poll showing, it’s safe to assume that Miya Folick isn’t just emerging…she’s here to stay. She’s captured the hearts and minds of numerous publications with her raw delivery, a dry, though evocative voice that echoes with resounding effect alongside her reflective observations and haunting melodies. Her latest, reveal, “Oceans”, is a darkly introspective number that should strongly connect with listeners.

Check out our poll’s top 15 below, and don’t forget to get even deeper, exploring all the finalists organized by genre:


Courtesy of la.thedelimagazine
Courtesy of la.thedelimagazine

If you wonder how this chart came into existence, here is how it all went down: first, we let the local bands submit their music (for free), and got our Deli editors to pick the nominees. Then we polled a list of 15+ L.A. scene expert (our jury) and asked them to nominate 3 more bands of their choice each (3 points for the top choice, then 2 and 1). Then we polled our readers. We tried to keep things open for each single genre, from Indie Rock to Roots Music to Hip Hop.

If you are a geek interested in all the subtelties related to how this poll works, you can read its rules here (happy reading!). But if all you care about is the awesome new music L.A. produced in the year 2015, this list is all you need. Enjoy!

Many Thanks to our Jurors: [Britt Witt (Indie Rock Reviews), Betty Elektro (Elektro PR), Jay Tinsky, Droozie Lane (Freaky Styley Booking), Juan Rodríguez (The Deli LA), Pat McGuire (Flood Magazine), Janette Ayub (Girl Underground Music), John Giovanazzi (The Complex), Dan Frazier (Free Bike Valet), Liz Garo (The Echo), Michael Grodney (Dirty Laundry), Angela Ratzlaff (OC Register), Karla Hernandez (Sofar Sounds), Neil Shield (Origami Vinyl), Ryan Mo (The Deli LA), Matt Draper (Echo Park Records), Jesser Boredom (Bored to Death), Rosemary  Bystrak (San Diego: Dialed In).]

Hope you’ll find some awesome new artists you weren’t aware of!

The Deli’s Staff

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