Rediscover: Ramsey ‘See You Bleed’

Courtesy of IMP
Courtesy of IMP

Dripping with intense, raw, emotion, Los Angeles experimental based artist Ramsey returns with the sensual electronic track “See You Bleed” that will grab a listener by the throat. Once again, the dark ambient artist continues to capture our attention with a key element in the overall composition of her music: raw distinct vocals. Ramsey’s weapon of choice is her mysterious and vixen like allure that intertwines with addictive vocals, which shines a refreshing light on to those who want more from electronic music.  By writing and producing all of her music, Ramsey’s powerful storytelling becomes personal within each track, and is heard within each quiver of her voice, alongside her effortless talent of meshing sounds.

Ramsey takes a Gothic Romance idea and spins it into ambient waves with a heavy trip hop foundation on “See You Bleed.” Following a tainted love, Ramsey “begs you to go harder” and scratches the corners of a lovers’ mind with a submissive and dominate mindset. Pushing the boundaries of what trust, love, and pain all have in common, “See You Bleed” is the epitome of a love obsession that needs to be obtained at whatever cost. The balance of deep bass and our previous declaration of Ramsey’s “scratch within the throat,” makes it easier for listeners’ to absorb the track’s full potential. Ramsey continuously pushes her own limits with each release, and proves yet again that she possess a sound that undeniably needs to be heard this year.

Connect with Ramsey:

RamseySound / Facebook / Twitter /  SoundCloud

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