A Dreamy Dance Party: Summer Twins at Acerogami

Photo by FolkGRP
All Photos by FolkGRP

Kicking off Valentine’s Day weekend with great music is not a bad way to dive into the holiday, for couples and singles alike. This last Friday, February 12th, Summer Twins performed at Acerogami, Pomona, CA, joined by Veronica Bianqui. The entire event had a drinks-with-friends vibe, framed by the venue’s exposed brick, low lighting, projected music videos, and a few heart-shaped balloons at the stage. The beauty of smaller venues is the level of comfort they create. Conversation before and after the show flowed easily, from excitement about the performers to stray cats and operatic voicemails.

The flyer advertised the event as an indie rock dance party, and it hit the mark.  The tranquil venue created a cool backdrop to a fun night. I found myself watching a guy in pink suspenders and matching bowtie dance the night away, joining the crowd, swaying along to the mellow rhythms of both performers, and grinning at the dancing that happened on-stage.

Veronica Bianqui started the night off with edgy vocals, melodic keys, and deep bass and drums that beat in your chest. I recommend that anybody and everybody reading this review go to her SoundCloud right now and check her out. Bianqui’s song “If Love’s a Gun, I’m Better Off Dead” is amazing both live and recorded. There was just something so perfect about the juxtaposition of the song’s performance, heart-shaped balloons, and Cupid cutouts that will stay with me for a long time. The whole set was fun and got several people dancing. Shout-out to Tatiana, vocals, who danced to every song from start to finish and the surprising flirty dance moves Veronica pulled out during the last song.

Acerogami buzzed at the end of the set while Summer Twins set up. The Headlining band started on the mellow side of things with “Forget Me.” Before they even got into the groove they carried out to the last song of their set people were cheering and dancing; suspenders even found a dance partner in a flower dress. A few couples paired up and moved side-to-side together or twirled their partners around. By the end of their first song the lingering conversations in the room ended. The people standing at the front and back danced in their heels along to “I Don’t Care.”

By far, “Dreamin,'” from their new EP Limbo, was my favorite performance that night.  Something I got from the live performance that I hadn’t appreciated as much in the studio version was the sisters’ coupled vocals. The band’s dreamy sound, which lends itself to the fun pop of their more upbeat tracks, was beautiful live. The stage’s blue lighting made Chelsea Brown’s (guitar and vocals) shiny purple dress glow and gave the performance an ethereal shimmer.


During their set, Summer Twins announced the band’s new album and upcoming tour. So, if you weren’t able to catch them during Valentine’s Day Weekend, fret not, their tour guarantees a few more local shows. As of now, there will be one at the end of the month and another in March.

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Photos: FolkGRP


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  1. Awesome! The show was great


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