Track of the Day: Valerie Broussard ‘A Little Wicked’

“No one calls you honey, when you’re sitting on a throne.”  Tightening the grip with a memorable chorus, Philadelphia artist Valerie Broussard will send chills down your spine with her track “A Little Wicked.” Horns, piano keys, and strong, alluring vocals, are the simple components that create such a climatic experience under 3 minutes. The track paints a haunting scene, primarily thanks to the use of Broussard’s colorful and soulful vocals, where the imagery fully comes alive. Broussard delivers something truly fascinating as a new artist, and as a single to define her sound, and is currently working on her debut album. It’s enticing allure and construction was enough to get the attention of Fox and will be featured on an upcoming episode of their new show “Lucifer.”

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