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Discover: Merival ‘Lovers’ Debut EP Review

Courtesy of Merival via Facebook
Courtesy of Merival via Facebook

Toronto singer and songwriter, Anna Horvath, better known as Merival, recently released her debut EP, Lovers, and captures the innocence of young love, whereas she expresses for listeners’, “the songs were the best way I could find to process my heartbreak and confusion. I hope they can make you feel some feelings.” The indie-folk album clearly lives up to Merival’s statement, and retells her adolescents around relationships and reflections, all being stemmed from people she loved while under the age of 20. Lovers, are for the romantics at heart, or for the person on the go who needs a little reminder to come back to Earth.

The first single, “A Better Deal,” is a soft and simple acoustic track that weighs out options for lovers.  The sweet melody stays on track to Mervial’s rising vocals as she gracefully sings “in a little while you can see me / and I’ll feel better then / with my fingers crossed for a better deal / and something sure.” A great track to introduce the range of emotions on the debut EP. Picking up the momentum, “Alay Alas,” focuses on vibrant plucking, occasional keys, and a folk centred background. Not a favorite, compared to the other tracks, but surely puts a smile on one’s face.

One of the oldest songs on the EP,  “Kicking you out,” was written when Merival was 17, and came from loving someone for 2 years. Centered around the fictional idea of her kicking him out of their house, Merival admits that this was an “artistic” approach for the fact that she needed to continually kick him out of her mind. Lyrics to this track are a genuine insight to the underlying love that came into play when the track was written. The track starts with bluntness, “well I wanna be famous someday / and I wanna make good, steady pay / and I’m thinking of kicking you out,” to later Merival singing that her “vacation for one” would be better than “kicking you out.” Noting that leaving someone sometimes is the right thing to do.

Dream of yourself” is more folk than the other songs on the EP, and is a somber, slow paced track following a dream. Merival has a beautiful voice that cascades off of stringed plucks that shines on this track. Another favorite that embodies the overall tone of the EP, would be “Calendar.” This is a clear, reflective track that retraces Merival’s journey, and completes Lovers as whole.  These aren’t a collection of songs that whine and add no meaning, but of moments in time that are beautiful reminders in life. Merival possess a voice that makes you fall in love, tying in the album’s nostalgic memories created in the time of youth, and the innocence that some may have forgotten, perfectly preserved by Mervial.

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