The Velvet Teaparty ‘Promises’ Music Video


Los Angeles Alternative-Rock band, The Velvet Teaparty, release their latest music video for their track “Promises” and unleash a whirlwind of emotions. Vanessa McNiel (vocals), Gabriel Maska (bass/vocals), Jonas Streffer (drums) and Andres Yepez (guitar), display a softer side of the band with their somber and reflective ballad.

Shot in black and white, the video displays a sense of regret exuded by McNiel’s performance and lyrical weight. Tastefully shot, the video captures each members’ genuinely during live shots. Focusing on strong power chords and vocals, the song’s intensity meshes with the theme of deceit towards another to escape loneliness, and the double sword that comes with the package, neatly wrapped with McNiel’s beautiful voice.

Grab a box of tissues and be prepared for the resurfacing of past scars.


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