Discover: Shav ‘Mystery Ride’

“…and today I have come here to pay homage to Mahatma Gandhi. A new world order, a civilization of love, can be achieved as we strive to work together hand in hand…”

One minute is all you need. One minute you won’t regret. One minute you wish lasted five.

Shav, 22, hails from New Delhi, India, and now based in New York, invites everyone to join him on a “Mystery Ride,” the first track off of his upcoming project, The Love EP. The minimalist artist manages to not only step into the music realm with his own distinct voice, but completely captures the love and hope through nostalgic guitar strums, and subtle trumpets. Just when you let Shav take you  away to temporary bliss, the track ends within 0:40 seconds, adding to the allure of “Mystery Ride,” and succeeding in pulling off simplicity at its best. In addition to the cascading drops of love being exerted, Shav expresses that “Mystery Ride” was released on the same day and time as the assassination of Gandhi (January 30th, 5:17 p.m.), paying great tribute to his legacy. Under a minute Shav clearly displays distinction, talent, and an in-explainable feeling that foreshadows greater things to come from the young artist.


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