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Premiere: KINGDOMS ‘Battery’

Los Angeles electro-pop band, KINGDOMS, return with their first single taken from their upcoming EP, Let It Burn, set to be released this April, and invite listeners to take a step into the cosmic realm of self-discovery, with their synth based anthem, “Battery.” What started as a solo project for frontman Brayden Pierce, soon expanded into the electronic realm with the addition of keyboard player Matt Walerstein, and later enlistment of bassist Justin Gariano, drummer Dusty Schaller, and guitarist/DJ Chad Nini, who completed the live band.

The delivery of “Battery” is an embodiment of  the universal reminder of living life to the fullest; awakening the reason, and “fire” within an individual through lyrical content and explosive synths. Pierce incorporates and weaves much of philosopher Alan Watts teachings into the track, balancing out meaning, will, and control. Therapeutic melodies guide the heart of the single, which stems from Pierce’s loss of both parents. Despite such heartfelt attributions, “Battery” takes the direction of strength and power, defined clearly the track’s climatic, power-pop structures, ultimately re-lighting sparks to all who have walked  down a similar path. With honest intent, KINGDOMS deliver feel good music that redefines the LA locals into more than a synth-pop band who covered “Hotline Bling,”- but into their own sound.




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