Latin Funk From NYC: Yellowcake ‘We Won’t Stop’

Courtesy of YellowCake Via Facebook
Courtesy of Yellowcake Via Facebook

The best things in life contain the right amount of mixes, and NYC based band Yellowcake is no different. Fusing Latin rhythms and funk peaks that glue the melodies together, Yellowcake holds no boundaries when blending culture notes within their music. Carried by Bridget Morrissey’s punchy, and strong vocals, and backed by Issac Friedman (guitar/backing vocals), Theo Moore (percussion/backing vocals), Alex Rivas (drums), Humberto Genao (bass), and Adam Ramsey (sax and horn arrangements), “We Won’t Stop” is a perfect flagship for their upcoming full-length set to be released early March, 2016.

What makes this track enjoyable are the melodies that wash over the body and entices one to groove along with the music, regardless of the listeners’ current state of mind. Balancing their strong influences, percussions, and vocals, Yellowcake’s magic is not in outshining each other, but the unity that is heard within the track.



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