Cosmic R&B Meets Indie-Pop: Gosh Pith ‘Gold Chain’ and ‘K9’ Review

Courtesy of Gosh Pith via Facebook
Courtesy of Gosh Pith via Facebook

Back in 2014, Detroit natives, Gosh Pith, released their first single, “Waves, ” and now they’re launching into 2016 with the release of their second EP, Gold Chain.  The duo, Josh Smith and Josh Freed, work together to produce music that is best described as something along the lines of cosmic R&B meets indie-pop. Their new singles, “Gold Chain” and “K9,” give us a sneak peek into what we should expect from the EP. These mellow mixes use synth, guitar, and cool beats, that create a foundation for lyrics about sex, drugs, and love; building atmospheric melodies good for lounging. In particular, “K9,” the lead single, uses a forlorn tone while simultaneously creating a feeling of hanging out in a penthouse suite in Las Vegas.

Personally, “Waves” is still a hands down favorite for me. The beats created by Freed accent the intro while Smith’s echoed vocals add to the cosmic feel of the melody. It’s exciting to hear their new music and see an evolution of classic indie rock sounds mixing with things normally seen in hip-hop. Gosh Pith’s variety ranges from the music of the Strokes and Kid Cudi. You can pre-order the album now, which releases February 26th. With this new EP, we can expect great things from Gosh Pith in 2016.

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