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Chrystyna Marie ‘Loaded Gun’ EP Review


Originally hailing from Toronto, Canada, Chrystyna Marie comes as a classically trained singer with soul, pop, and hints of grit within her new EP Loaded Gun, set to be released February 29th. Despite having labels represent her music over the years, Marie needed to take the road less traveled and pursue her heart by releasing music on her own. Her first self-titled single, “Loaded Gun,” proved to herself, and listeners, that this was the sound that needed to represent herself. Drawing vocal and music inspiration from artists such as, Janis Joplin, Ottis Redding, Etta James, Selena, and Christina Aguilera, the blues/pop songstress meshes the lines of inspiration cleanly. “Loaded Gun,” serves not only as a stamp into the EP, but into the artist as a whole. With heavy and direct lyrics that get to the point, Marie captured the saying “all’s fair in love and war” ideally within a blues pistol.

Marie later expressed about the new EP, “Breath is life, and life is music. I wanted to create music from personal experiences and true emotions. Something the everyday person can relate to and build strength from having been exposed to it. With a raw and gritty feel to emulate these experiences and emotions.” Staying true to the essence of Marie’s goal, the EP continues the personal touch with yet another blues, country track, “Down the Road,” that mimics the intensity of a “tight grip.”

No More” became an interesting track, as we can see the shift from blues to pop by Marie. Individually, this was a track that did showcase the true emotional tone, and Marie’s versatile vocals, yet collectively, did not fully fit with Loaded Gun or Marie’s style. Continuing with this “pop” feel, “The Tower” closed the EP as a somber ballad, and showcased Marie’s bluesy twang, and raw feeling gracefully, versus the similar pop track, “No More.” Despite this miss in the flow of the EP, Marie and Loaded Gun prove to be worth the listen.



Chrystyna Marie / SoundCloud


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