Discover Alt-French: Balinger ‘Let Go’

Alternative French rock band, Balinger, have shaken up San Diego since last week in what is likely preparation for the release of their new album Let Go. The band uses rhythmic guitar riffs, deep bass, and punchy drumming, combined with powerful vocals reminiscent of Radiohead, which captures the essence of a good live show.

On their website, the band describes themselves as a hydra, “a three-headed monster that cannot choose between either a bite or caress.” This image is not a surprising comparison. Balinger’s music suggests a melancholic longing with ethereal melodies but offsets this with the punchier elements of their music. There seems to be a constant duality in each track that is both soothing and exciting at once.

Their latest video, “Let Go,” tells a story through dance in a way that is a lot more raw and vulnerable than their previous music videos. It’s all very reminiscent of film classics like This is England (2006). The video uses three different ways of communicating meaning: music, dance, and text. The use of text is an interesting way to add another layer that makes the video worth multiple watches.

Before I Go,” the new album’s first single, was released in June with a new music video. The video makes use of the duality in the music, by using conflicting images of what should be happy events (time with family, sunrise, sex) beside the actor’s clear depression. This ability to balance opposing emotions in music and really tackle feelings of confusion and desperation is what rock at its core is typically about. Not to mention a sprinkle of anger here and there. Overall, this is a thoughtful video for a cool track.


Unfortunately, their San Diego tour seems to be over.  But, again, Let Go will be released next month, February 12th so be on the lookout. Until then, check out their EP or watch the album’s last two music videos. I’m definitely keeping an eye on Balinger, and hope for more good rock from this hydra.



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