New Releases for the Indie-Pop Lovers at Heart

Indie-pop, and electronica with a splash of funk, create the best of what is being played right now.  Check out these artists from all over the world that share one thing in common- catchy hooks and musical riffs that get stuck in your head.

BLØSH “When Love is Alive” – Olso/Madrid duo, Teresa Bernabé Martín, and Jørgen Berg Svela, define their self-proclaimed “popsters” genre with their track “When Love is Alive.” Combining basic indie-pop elements, high vocals, and a bass that has just the right amount of depth to counter the sweetness of Martin’s vocals, this track is what anyone needs to start their weekend off in the right direction.  It’s a track that will engulf a listener from the start and nails the criteria for being a song that gets you hooked. Suggested track for further listening: Give it Away


BayonneAppeals” – Roger Sellers is not a DJ- as his Facebook claims. The Austin, TX local, better known as Bayonne, creates an electronic dream that blends lo-fi vocals and dreaminess relatable to early UMO, in a creation all his own. Starting with an insanely catchy piano riff, that is as magical as a twinkle of a star, then transforms into a repetitive moment in time, becoming fuller in sound, thanks to layering of vocals and drums. Stuck on a moment, “Appeals” perfectly acts as the soundtrack of reevaluation as Sellers recalls over the chimes: “I could imagine how it made you feel / nothing is real / if nothing appeals/ and I couldn’t stop with that look in your eyes (shit).” The four minute track is best listened to numerous times as you reevaluate and contemplate every decision you made in your life .



HYDE + SEEK Be Strong“- London Duo, HYDE +SEEK- songwriter Binky and producer Gil – slow down the feeling with their electronic-pop track “Be Strong.” Starting with a tale of unfortunate “what if’s,” and a motivational voice of encouragement to “be strong,” the track is a self-proclamation to keep going. Beautifully showcasing a clean production by Gil, and a progression in emotion and vocals by Binky, “Be Strong” highlights the duo’s individual strengths which create more than a synth-based track, but of a relatable touch of sounds.



WildhartFantasy“-  Trio, Wildhart -Ylva Holmdahl, Kiwi Berg, and Josefin Runsteen- hail from the city of Göteborg, in Sweden, and recently release their second single “Fantasy.” The track begins as a slow, almost with a dark electro-pop feeling, that grows into a fuller story unraveling a “want” in the corner of one’s mind. Backed by echos of vocals that pull you in, and surrounded by an older sound redefined for the modern age, Wildhart’s slow climb raises great anticipation for future releases from the electro-pop group.


Sibling Westside” – Venice duo, Sibling, are back with a track that idealizes the epitome of spending a summer in Los Angeles, from the city lights to the sand. The track carries electronic punches, and hazy hooks, but completes the feeling with vocals that release a feeling of pure joy to bask in LA’s sun.


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