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Discover Ayelle: London Based Artist Talks About Letting Go With Latest Single ‘Waiting’

Courtesy of Tradiio
Courtesy of Tradiio

Prepare to fall in love with London-based, Swedish artist, Ayelle and her delicate track “Waiting.” With an appropriate title, Ayelle kept listeners waiting for a year, while she created new music in preparation of her second EP, and teamed up with fellow Tradiio Artist, Marc Dos Santos David, who lent his producing abilities for the track. Ayelle creates a self-explanatory story that unravels within the first line “I’m just tired of waiting for you / waiting for you,” and explores further from her perspective, as she has expressed: “Waiting’ is about wanting someone that you can’t really have because they are unable to let you in. Even if it’s not their intention to disappoint you it seems inevitable in that situation and it’s about learning to prioritise yourself and not settling for less.”

It’s a musical diary entry guided by dark electronic, which is more than catchy beats, but an epitome of an emotion, state of mind, and ironically a bright outlook for letting go. Ayelle’s personality is beautifully incorporated within the music, and to get a better understanding of the track, the lovely team at Tradiio arranged for GUM to ask Ayelle some questions.

“Waiting” is your first single in a year- which is very exciting- did you find it challenging to finalize a single to release?  

It wasn’t necessarily difficult to finalise a single but it was more about choosing the right way to release it. I spent all of last year writing lots of new material and although I could’ve released a single earlier, I chose to focus my efforts on creating a second EP and releasing this single in the lead up to that instead.

Were there any other singles on the fence to be released as your first single, besides “Waiting?”

Yeah there were other options that I could’ve released instead but ‘Waiting’ just seemed kind of perfect, what with the title of it already implying anticipation for the new EP and all.

The track “waiting” is produced by fellow Tradiio artist, Marc Dos Santos David- How did the two of you end up collaborating?

I met Marc last summer while doing a rooftop session for Tradiio which he was mixing the sound for, and as it turned out he also had his own really great duo project called ‘molo’ going. I did a feature on one of the tracks for their upcoming EP and then we just continued collaborating on my project as well.

Does Marc Dos Santos David lend his production skills to other tracks on your upcoming EP?

Unfortunately not, but I hope to have him involved on other future releases. I like working with a variety of people, so the upcoming EP is a product of collaborations with 5 different producers.

Ayelle 4

The overall message that you expressed about the track is “wanting someone that you can’t really have because they are unable to let you in,” yet also to “prioritise and not settle for less.” Would you consider your message more towards a bitter-sweet motivational speech, or acceptance?

I guess it’s a mixture of both. It’s definitely bitter-sweet in the sense that it’s about having to tear yourself away from something you actually want, but it’s also about accepting that and realising that it’s not worth it. Anything that’s making you miserable can’t be good for you and it’s about acknowledging that instead of making up excuses and clinging on to whatever you can get.

Can we expect darker electronic sounds on future releases? If not, what can a listener expect?

Yeah you can definitely expect more of that. There are also some more brighter sounds on the EP, it’s a mixture of hopefulness and defiance.

Just watched your cover of Beyoncé’s Irreplaceable, which is a personal favorite. How did you manage to deconstruct Beyoncé’s pop single, into a slower-tempo, electro and R&B fused song?

Thank you 🙂 Haha it’s something I tend to do with most things I cover to be honest, because that’s the style I enjoy singing in the most it usually goes down that route automatically. With the Beyonce track I just sang it how I would instead of trying to mimic her version, then it was just a matter of rearranging it and adding elements as I went along.

Do you find covering songs more difficult than creating original tracks?

That really depends on the song but for me the two actually work kind of similarly, in terms of covering songs if it comes naturally and the arrangement just falls into place then it’s not difficult at all. It’s the same with songwriting, the best songs tend to just come pouring out. But it requires some emotional connection which is definitely more difficult to find with covers than with original material.

What would be another track you would love to cover, and why?

I’m thinking of covering some stuff from Kehlani or The Internet next, (be)cause their music excites me and the lyrics are very relatable so I’d love to try and communicate them with my own interpretation.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

My next single & music video will be out in February followed by my upcoming 5 track EP ‘Machine’ in April so keep an eye out for that. x

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