Discover: Betsy ‘Fair’ Debut Single

A year ago the wonderful voice featured on the Joe Goddard track, “Endless Love,” was attributed to a Wales singer named Betsy. The music world then welcomed Betsy’s return with welcoming arms, as she showcased her debut single “Fair,” and it’s raw magic. Growing up in the rural area of Wales (on a goose farm to be exact), Betsy absorbed the love of music, and the flavor of great artists such as Billie Holiday. The 24 year old artist went from designing for Balenciaga in Paris, back to Wales in a “grotty caravan,” where she taught herself Garageband and poured herself out in her true calling-music.

“Fair” depicts the motions of a relationship falling to it’s breaking point and the senseless feeling of losing control over the situation. With haunting and bittersweet vocals that cannot be properly described without losing its essence, Betsy captures the moment of despair as she croons over keys and strings in between a quivering tone: “I know it ain’t right / I know it ain’t fair / to hold on to love, a love that’s no longer there/ but I’m holding out / I’m holding on / holding on for you.


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