Discover: Raveena ‘You Give Me That’ Debut Single

Courtesy Limited Health
Courtesy Limited Health

Fantasies fall to a sweet submissive surrender, thanks to Raveena’s sensual track “You Give Me That,” produced by Everett Orr, and recently released by Limited Health. The debut single for the New York based artist is a heaven-sent track that is captivating in every single aspect, and creates an innocence daydream of seduction. Backed by Raveena’s silky voice and R&B disposition, “You Give Me That” is truly a standout debut track that speaks highly of the talent exerted by the 22-year-old.  A little over 5 minutes, the track coasts on Raveena’s natural essence, which is delicate and alluring, between her “breathy “vocals. Construction of the track fuses jazz with R&B, but is nothing without the captivating delivery by Raveena, which cascades around intimate horns and thoughtful bass riffs. This is a track for lovers and daydreamers alike that yearn for a feeling of touch under the sun’s rays.



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