Discover: Los Angeles Experimental Beauty Ramsey

Courtesy of Unofficial: Ramsey via Facebook
Courtesy of Unofficial: Ramsey via Facebook

Los Angeles is full of hidden gems waiting to be discovered, and experimental artist Ramsey is no different. Possessing a unique vocal stylization, Ramsey captures listeners with this immediate lure that separates her among others. With new music being pushed out constantly, Ramsey becomes an addiction in terms of keeping up with her sounds, and subtle tweaks that occur within updated tracks. Following the realm of Glass Animals, Portishead, and Phantogram, Ramsey embodies all influences within her own music writing and producing skills.

Ramsey’s latest release,”Cover Up,”  is a dark composition that swirls around the unique characteristic of Ramsey and can break out into the mainstream realm, in comparison to the previous tracks. The honest lyrics bleed through Ramsey’s soothing, and self-therapeutic beats, which are enough to fall in love with  Ramsey’s storytelling abilities.

Yet, this isn’t the track that should describe the Los Angeles based artist. Ramsey’s beauty lies within her vocal abilities, and the track “Red and White” flawlessly showcases Ramsey’s uniqueness. What can only be described as a scratch within the throat, Ramsey uses this as a weapon upon delivery to pull a listener in, as she manipulates sounds and emotions, embedded with her oddity of sexual tension. Following with an off centred beat, and layers of vocal panting, her lyrics are as powerful as the music: “I can make you feel bad things /  give you love and understand  that you’re human and you have needs.” 

Definitely an artist to keep an eye out for 2016.


Connect with Ramsey:

RamseySound / Facebook / Twitter /  SoundCloud


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