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Discover: Mleo ‘Ridiculous’

Courtesy of Mleo via Facebook
Courtesy of Mleo via Facebook

Born in Sacramento and raised in Los Angeles, Mleo (pronounced muh-lee-oh) is an alternative pop quartet that weaves modern rock, past influences, and a variety of themselves into a neat package that isn’t too over the place. Lead by Audrey Reed, and further composed of Victor San Pedro (guitar), Nick De La O (bass) and Elias Vasquez (drums), Mleo’s down to earth exposition, and youthful relation makes them an artist to find simple pleasures with their pop rock sound.

Releasing their latest music video to their single “Ridiculous,” the video is as absurd as predictability will show. Reed is shown with various “animals,” unfortunately trying to adapt to each suitor, as she confronts and steps outside of the box of “ridiculousness” to shine her own light.  In between the typical shots of unusual behavior, there is the essence of it all; an extremely catchy track, with fun riffs, and a rock-pop sound that is gushing to be loved.

Yet, this wasn’t the track, nor video, that caught my attention for the young modern band- about a year ago Mleo released an acoustic version of “Change Your Mind.” It clearly showcased the band’s personal chemistry that speaks through their music. In addition, it properly displayed each member’s individual talent, and unique sound. Reed excels vocally, while San Pedro, De La O, and Vaquez tie the whole production together and truly discloses the potential of the band. This performance is a natural state of Mleo, and I look forward to future releases as time progresses.

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