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New Music: OC Locals EMÆL Cover Adele ‘I Miss You’ (Live Cover)

Courtesy of EMAEL

Hailing from Orange County, EMÆL – Emmanuel Ventura-Cruess (vocals, cellos), Mikko Pablo (cellos), Alyssa Belle Cantal (vocals), Daniel Kristoff (percussion)  and Michael Womack (guitar) – seek to blur the lines of classical stringed arrangements with modern, alternative pop. What started as a duo between cellists Ventura-Cruess and Pablo, EMÆL has grown into an ensemble of talented individuals nourishing their larger sound by each member’s distinct talent.

With a successful EP, Venym (2015), that quickly showcased the creative ability of the band and their unique sound, the classical quintet aimed to reconstruct larger songs before the release of their full-length album- the first being a live cover of their favorite Adele track from her album 25, “I Miss You.”  The beauty of this cover lays within the arrangement and tempo changes, a notable feature which properly displays what made Venym magical in the first place. The live cover features Cantal’s soft and weary voice that harmonizes beautifully with the band, noting her strongest points during the emotional, and slower-tempo parts of the track. Towards the end, EMÆL’s subtle changes, and soft plucks of the cello, delicately end the piece, and an emotional induced performance. An artist to definitely keep on the watch list as 2016 progresses.



EMÆL were on our “Best of Pomona Revival List” and we wish we would’ve paid attention to them sooner. In a celebratory manner of releasing their full length album this year, the band has decided to create more videos that will be up on their YouTube Channel. Be sure to like, and subscribe to keep up to date with EMÆL.

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