Best of Pomona Revival 2015


With 2015 coming to an end, here is a list of [some of] the music from the year that is worth giving a listen to [again]. This is just a partial list, and is listed as “most recently added” on our iTunes.

New Manners – Give Me Your Bones

What an absolutely beautiful sophomore release from the lovely lads in New Manners. With stand out tracks “On And On,” “So Nice,” & “Give Me Your Bones,” this indie EP will be stuck in your head even after the first listen.

Miss Chief – s/t
Miss Chief released their debut EP, and it does a great job capturing the energy of their live performance. Featuring keys from Tom Gil of CHILDREN, which definitely adds to the EP. Give it a listen at


Iris – Prey
This new EP is as lovely as the band members are people. A fantastic follow-up to their debut EP Nectar. Think The Cranberries meets Nirvana. Give them a listen.

Twin Oaks – White Noise
The debut album for Twin Oaks is a powerful indie album. Grab yourself a glass of wine, put some headphones on and enjoy this lovely album on spotify or band camp.

Summer Twins – Limbo
A very fun and upbeat album released by Summer Twins. Highly suggest the tracks Demons & Ouija.

PKD – The Patchwork Band
Patrick Durkee (Lost Frontiers) is releasing his solo music under PKD, and released a free three track EP online. Anything is a great original, and he does Tom Waits justice with his version of Jockey Full Of Bourbon.


Dharma – A Seed To Come
Releasing music on a somewhat regular basic, A Seed To Come is a music listen. The Rain is quite possible my favorite song to be released this year.  They are getting ready to hit the studio again in the beginning of the year. Give them a listen on spotify

Emael – Venym
Masterful EP by Emael with a wide range of elements (including cellos.) Highly suggest the tracks Venom and Juice.


Children – Great River
The cd release show for Great River was highly memorable, as well as their 3 week residency at DBA256 when they performed their entire music catalogue throughout. Great River has great flow that will have you listen to the entire album straight through. They will be releasing new music in the beginning of 2016, which everyone is looking forward to.


CJ Trillo – Undrafted
Drafted as the lone hip-hop act on this list, Undrafted is full of songs that double as short stories that take the listener on an adventure. HIs flow reminds me of Atmosphere (ex. God Loves Ugly). Suggest checking out Conscious & 2012; also give Volume 1: Nostalgia a listen.



NIEMAN – Lanes
Throwing it back to simplified R&B, Lanes is the debut EP from NIEMAN (produced by Nick Pacoli.) For fans of Justin Timberlake. Suggest the tracks Throwback Love & I’m Still Here.



With the year coming to an end, time to look forward to some of the 2016 forward I’m looking forward to coming out at the beginning of the year.


The Violet Mindfield – TBA

These boys have been in the study for awhile, and this music will be well worth the wait. Having heard a couple of the already recorded songs, people will not be disappointed with their new music.


Naive Thieves – TBA

When Naive Thieves performed on the New Manners EP release show, they played some new music that will [hopefully] surface in audio format in 2016.


ZenTonic – Reset

Getting ready to release their sophomore album in February 2016, this trio never fails to deliver solid rock n’ roll. They will be releasing the first single, “It’s Up To You,” in the middle of January. In the meantime, give Set The Tone a listen.


Silver Snakes – Saboteur

The follow-up to Year Of The Snake, this album is coming out February 5, 2016. Check out the single Grey Wolf.

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